New Chairman at ENSRA: the Former Chairman Visits Hungary
2015-02-20 12:46:00

On 20 February, Mr. Kristóf Horváth, Deputy Director General of the HAEA and Chairman of the ENSRA (European Nuclear Security Regulators’ Association) met his predecessor, Mr. Rony Dresselaers, Director of the Belgian Federal Agency of Nuclear Control (FANC) at the HAEA headquarters, in Budapest. They discussed plans for 2015 and ongoing matters.

Among other issues, the four working groups of the ENSRA collect good practices through on-site inspections, give opinion prior to the publication of guides by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The overview of national practices of personal safety reviews is also among their tasks. One of the plans of the Hungarian Chairmanship for this year is that the Association should appear on the internet with the appropriate website design. In 2015, the ENSRA annual seminar will be held in Budapest.